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Home Energy Audits

Severna Park, MD BGE Customers
Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

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Energy Audit per EPA


According to the EPA, existing houses offer several opportunities for energy efficient improvements. To make Severna Park, MD houses more energy efficient the government recommends a home energy audit.

The EPA says "energy audits assess how much energy a home consumes. It also evaluates measures to make the home more energy efficient".

Home Performance w ENERGY STAR® (HPwES)

Home Performance is to consider how the parts of a Severna Park home work together. The best way to achieve comfort, efficiency and healthy indoor air quality is to look at each part.

According to the EPA, one of the main strategies of HPwES is to educate homeowners through the home energy audit. The owner along with the auditor can create a clear pathway for making improvements.


Normally, a comprehensive audit costs $400.  For the HPwES program through BGE, eligible Severna Park customers only pay $100!

The offer for the $100 audit is valid for BGE customers with a residential account that applies through BGE's HPwES Program only. 

The customer must be receiving electric and/or natural gas service from BGE to their Severna Park home. 

The offer is not valid for new construction, multi-family dwellings or commercial buildings.

How to Participate

According to, the first step to getting an energy audit in Severna Park is to select a participating contractor and schedule a comprehensive home energy audit.  The cost is $100 ($400 value). 

Once the audit is complete, the contractor will input the information into the modeling software to determine what rebates the home is eligible for and how much energy will be saved if the measures are completed as prescribed.  

How Rebates Work

Home "retrofits" can be cost effective, improve comfort, reduce energy usage and create a better indoor air quality home environment - especially when they are done right!

The Maryland government wants you get the work done by trained professionals that understand the building science concepts for measurable results. 

After following the program guidelines, your rebate check will be sent to your Severna Park Maryland home.

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Two Great Benefits of a BGE Energy Audit

BGE Energy Audit
A comprehensive home energy audit through the Home Performance w/ Energy Star® program and BGE will cost you $100

An energy audit is a key that can unlock two great things:  

1. Secret ways to improve comfort and energy efficiency

2. Incentives through the state of Maryland to offset your costs

Considering the fact that the refrigerator repair company will charge you $80 just to walk through your door, this is an investment that is well worth it!

What to Expect from a Home Energy Audit

A comprehensive home energy audit for your Severna Park home can guide you to greater comfort and set a clear path for your next home improvement project.  Too many Severna Park area home energy audits fall short on the overall customer experience.  A home energy audit in Severna Park MD should be interactive and enlightening.  It should uncover ways in which you can improve comfort, energy efficiency and indoor air quality around the house.

Home Energy Audit Takeaways

If you had an BGE home energy audit in Severna Park Maryland or plan to get one, you should be able to identify with several if not all of the following takeaways:

  • The technician explained the home energy audit process
  • You will know how much insulation you have and how much you need in an Severna Park, MD attic
  • The technician answered all of your questions
  • The technician showed you something that you did not realize about your home
  • Parts of the audit were interactive
  • You part ways with your auditor feeling smarter about your home and more in control
  • A clear priority list begins to emerge with both wants and needs addressed
  • At least one do-it-yourself tip that will make an immediate impact on your energy usage/comfort
  • You remember the blower door test!
  • You felt a leakage point somewhere inside your Severna Park home
  • Your home was left in the same way it was prior to the auditor arriving!

These are all signs that you have had an excellent home energy audit!

Have you had an energy audit already?  Don't worry!

Hometrust can give you a free estimate!

Severna Park, Maryland BGE Customers

A Home Energy Audit
Through BGE  Includes

 Envelope Inspection 

Crawl Space

Home energy audit Severna Park Maryland
 Health & Safety Tests 

Indoor Air Quality
Combustion Safety
Gas Line Testing
Flue Inspection
Appliance Configuration

BGE Energy Audit Severna Park Maryland
 Blower Door Testing 

Air Leakage Testing
Locate holes in the envelope
Record leakage number
Targeted solutions
Measured results

Energy audit through BGE Severna Park
 HVAC Inspection 

HVAC Functionality
Age of equipment
Sizing of unit
Filter cover
Duct Leakage

Severna Park BGE Energy Audit

Images with details
Road map to success
Proper solutions
Accurate pricing

Severna Park BGE home energy audit

Severna Park BGE Customers

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Energy audit with BGE in Severna Park

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