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Replacement siding assessments Annapolis, Maryland

Siding Estimates Annapolis, Maryland
Fair Pricing - High Quality - Pro Installation

The replacement siding options we carry are common for Annapolis, MD style homes.  Each replacement siding solution is customized for each unique home.  Our experienced technicians and staff have over forty years of replacement siding experience so we know how to properly install and seal your investment and prevent drafts, improve the home's "jacket" and make thing look great!  We provide high quality siding ideas and options without the high prices.  Our pledge is to offer a good honest value on great siding and trim!  Give us a call, we'd love to help you out!

Building Performance Institute Certified

Licensed - Qualified - Insured
MHIC # 114593 - Building Analyst Certification

Hometrust Remodeling is licensed with the Maryland Home Improvement Commission and we are certified with the Building Performance Institute.  Our Building Analyst designation means that we are aware of the exterior wall of your home beyond the outer most sheathing (plywood).  Therefore, we are able to recommend the proper moisture barrier to occupy the space between the exterior wall and the new vinyl siding that is installed.  The idea is to tighten up the building envelope and reduce draftiness to improve comfort in addition to making your Annapolis MD siding more beautiful and weather tight.

Replacement siding options Annapolis, MD

Annapolis Replacement Siding Benefits
Beauty - Durability - Value

Using a variety of siding and soffit styles, colors, accessories and trim, you can update a ranch, add character to a colonial or even recreate a Victorian.  Vinyl and fiber cement siding for Annapolis, MD homes provide endurance for lasting beauty and a crisp look year after year.  New siding materials are impervious to rain, salt, cold and snow.  New Annapolis MD siding materials won't rot, peel, dent or show scratches.  Painting new siding is not necessary (some exceptions apply), and when you reside a home you can often recoup 100% of your initial investment.  

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Whole-House Project

Annapolis, MD Siding

Home Siding Evaluation

What we check:

  • Existing rotten wood, trim assessment
  • Existing siding condition, material
  • Specific wall/ gable area measurements
  • Moisture barrier assessment and recommendations
  • Trim inspection around windows and doors
  • Record existing window material types
  • Other envelope tightness recommendations
  • Accessories-dampers, dryer vent covers, light mounts

We can help guide you to the right replacement siding solutions for your home in Annapolis!

Home Siding Experts

What you might learn:

  • Key factors and steps to replacing siding
  • Helpful tips for when purchasing new siding
  • How to choose the right siding contractor
  • Siding styles and exposure for Annapolis, MD homes
  • Replacement siding material types
  • Overview of the steps in a siding project
  • Guidelines to get a good value for your money
  • Siding insulation packages for sound/comfort

We answer common Annapolis MD siding replacement questions that many homeowners tend to have.

Exact Price in Writing

Experienced and Knowledgeable Consultants

Our Annapolis MD siding specialist will provide an accurate quote for the siding project that you are considering.  If you are willing to invest the time with us to learn about your siding options and determine what siding solution is the best fit for your home, then we are prepared to complete the transaction by providing you with a workscope and accurate estimate.

Confident siding specialists can measure and price while in your home.

Customized Solutions - Annapolis MD Siding

annapolis maryland siding

Annapolis MD Siding Installation
A brake is heavily used to bend trim for a tight fit.

With over 40 years of replacement siding and trim experience in Annapolis, Maryland, the team at Hometrust Remodeling will properly install the siding you select.  No two Annapolis homes are exactly alike. We can customize  Annapolis MD siding configurations and bend vinyl coated aluminum to cover and seal the trim around the exterior of your unique home.

Removal of Old Siding
Different types of siding require different techniques for removal.  For example, aluminum siding is more difficult to remove compared to older vinyl siding.  Wood siding removal is the most difficult and requires additional time and disposal costs. 

Types of Annapolis MD siding that is removed from the exterior of the house:  Aluminum Siding, Vinyl Siding, Wood Siding, Fiber Cement Siding, Asbestos Siding (rarely remove, only encapsulate).

Once the opening is clear of the old existing siding our installation team cleans the exterior wall so that it is free of any debris prior to installation of the new fanfold insulation against the exterior wall and taped at the seams to improve overall envelope tightness. 

Annapolis MD Siding

Annapolis Maryland Siding


Securing the New Siding to the Framing (Studs)
Technicians install the new vinyl siding into the studs using a measuring system so that they can hit the right spot and properly secure the siding to the framing each time.  Fastening the siding is an important step in the proper installation of new siding.  It is important not to nail the Annapolis MD siding to the framing too tight as to allow for expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature.  Tightening the siding too much will create waves and it is why you might see that happening sometimes around your neighborhood. 

Sealing Replacement Siding
Technicians use high quality exterior caulk that is formulated to last forty years between the crevices around the siding and trim where necessary to keep water out and the wood dry.  

Home Siding & Trim Solutions
Annapolis, MD

Annapolis Maryland Home Siding Contractor

Keith Ridgely - Annapolis MD Siding Specialist

Hometrust Remodeling - About Us

The core of Hometrust Remodeling's mission is to help homeowners build a home improvement priority list based on testing, investigation and building science principles in order to solve problems - not make them worse.

Since 2006, our team has conducted over five thousand in-home evaluations for Annapolis homeowners including in-depth home energy audits, replacement window consultations and siding estimates.

We are licensed in Maryland and we are certified Building Analysts through the Building Performance Institute so we can evaluate uncontrolled air leakage into and out of a home and identify heating and cooling problems that lead to high bills and uncomfortable living spaces.

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Annapolis MD Siding

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Siding Annapolis Maryland

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  • Building Analyst Certified
  • Envelope Professional Certification
  • EPA Lead Renovator Certified


Our mission is to help Maryland homeowners create a more comfortable home and save energy by using building science principles and modern air sealing and insulation techniques.

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