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How to Unlock BGE and Pepco Energy Saver Rebates
Saturday, August 08 2020

You have to put a some "skin in the game" if you are a BGE or Pepco customer and you want to take advantage of the 2020 insulation rebates.  Maryland lawmakers and planners along with Excelon forward thinkers joined up with ENERGY STAR® to bring an Energy Saver Program to Maryland that is amongst the best in the nation. home performance with ENERGY STAR

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® (HPwES) makes a lot of sense when you stop and think about how the program works.  Getting a comprehensive energy audit is like getting an examination of your home so proper treatment can be prescribed.  Because the audit is performed by a trained professional, BGE insulation rebates and Pepco insulation rebates will be unlocked and available for Maryland energy customers to offset their project costs.

So, how do you start and what does it mean to put some skin in the game?  Here is how the BGE 2020 rebate and Pepco 2020 rebate works. 


How to Get Started with 2020 BGE or Pepco Insulation Rebates

First, you must schedule a home energy audit with an accepted firm in the HPwES program.  

You can schedule with Hometrust by clicking for BGE Insulation Rebates Here and Pepco Rebates 2020 Here as we are approved to conduct comprehensive audits in both Maryland programs!  An audit will cost you $100.  That's it!  That's the skin in the game!  Maryland pays the rest ($300).

Diagnostic Testing for Measurable ResultsThe Home Energy Audit:  Why is it Important?

Rather than focusing on individual components, a home energy audit looks at how a combination of improvements - a whole house approach - can result in a more comfortable home and well as lowering energy usage and overall costs.  A certified home performance contractor uses diagnostic equipment to conduct a home energy assessment.  The audit includes a complete visual inspection and air pressure testing.  By doing so, the BGE insulation rebate and Pepco insulation rebate can be calculated based on the information gathered during the assessment.


2020 BGE and Pepco Insulation Rebates - Big Benefits!bge insulation rebate

A home energy audit can uncover great opportunities for improvements around the home that can have a real impact on your energy bill and they don't all have to be big projects that cost a lot of money.  There are several simple things that can be done around the house that will make a difference and the energy auditor can help you find them making it almost certain that you will get your initial investment of $100 back.

If, however, you are in the market for insulation, efficient windows and doors, a new water heater, a new furnace, central air conditioner or a new heat pump then the HPwES program is an absolute no-brainer.  Here is what the BGE insulation rebate and Pepco 2020 rebate program incentives cover in the way of high efficiency products and solutions:

  • Air Sealing and insulation 
  • Heating and cooling equipment
         -Central Air Conditioners
         -Heat Pumps
  • ENERGY STAR® Windows and Doors
  • Hybrid heat pump water heaters
  • Duct Sealing and insulation
  • Smart Thermostats

You can read about the incentives and any additional requirements here for BGE rebates 2020 and here for Pepco insulation rebates.

Don't Miss Out By Not Knowing How the BGE Insulation Rebate Works

One Baltimore homeowner did not know how the BGE rebates for 2020 worked and replaced her heat pump with a high efficiency unit. 

She was kicking herself after learning that her BGE heat pump rebate increased by a lot through Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, but it was too late.  At the time of purchase the HVAC salesman made a strong case for her to replace her older unit with a high efficiency machine that came with a "cookie cutter" $400 rebate.  It seemed good at the time.

BGE rebates 2020

About a year later she decided to have the audit done and it uncovered several important things that should have been considered before the heat pump purchase.  The biggest negative was finding out that the BGE 2020 heat pump rebate for the new system she purchased - the same exact one - was $2000 had she gone through the process and had the audit done first.

This is the part that can be confusing, but is really rather a simple idea and it helps to understand what the program is all about.  The reason the BGE insulation rebate for the same heat pump was five times as great was because of one simple fact that energy advisors know:

The only way that a new efficient heat pump is going to really pay back is if the house for which it is producing conditioned air is properly air sealed and insulated.  Otherwise, the savings over time that you gain from a high efficiency replacement is pennies on the dollar.

Furthermore, consider this customer's initial reason for wanting an energy audit.  The new heat pump had been installed for a year and the house was not more comfortable. 

The increased heat pump rebate along with insulation rebates through the BGE and Pepco Energy Savers program end up covering a good portion of the insulation project, if done properly. 

By going out of order, the costs are exponentially higher and without the insulation component, the desired results of purchasing a new HVAC system - better comfort and energy savings - never come to fruition.

One Customer Could Not Believe the Amount of her 2020 BGE Rebate

Her exact words: "Hi, I’m a little confused. So the work costs $4370 and get $2000 back? So we really only end up paying $2370? Or, is that completely wrong?  It does not seem right..."

Our response: "Yes, BGE is paying half because the modeling of your home suggests it will benefit greatly from air sealing and insulation which will likely pay for itself over the life of the materials!"

BGE energy audit

Take the Next Step to Unlock Your BGE Insulation Rebate and Pepco 2020 Rebates!

Moral of the story: Put a little skin in the game!  For $100 you will not only make sure you are getting the most you can out of the BGE and Pepco insulation rebates, but you can also take advantage of working with a specially trained consultant who will guide you and help you formulate the best possible road map to saving energy and creating a comfortable, sustainable home. 

Schedule a comprehensive home energy audit through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®  today!

Pepco Insulation Rebate

What has your experience been with the BGE insulation rebate and the Pepco 2020 rebate?


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