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Insulation Video Library

Insulation Video Library

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Saturday, April 09 2022
Maryland Housing Style Guide for Insulation

At the completion of an energy audit I can feel the gratitude and appreciation flowing from my customers. I know that I have enlightened them on some level. Learning about some of the opportunities that houses with similar styles/build types will help you see the connection between the value of the energy audit and how it can help educate you and set you on the right path towards better comfort and energy efficiency...

Thursday, March 31 2022
The Home Energy Audit: Everyone Needs a Little Guidance

Most are not familiar with the benefits of a comprehensive home energy audit. This article highlights the reasons it is beneficial and demonstrates why it should be an assessment everyone gets.

Wednesday, March 30 2022
How a Fuel Heated Furnace Can Cost You in Summer

Sometimes the things we use, see and interact with everyday can be seen in a completely different light when someone teaches you something about it...

Thursday, March 17 2022
BGE Home Energy Audit Review: What's the Purpose?

We all get them.  We all stopped looking at them.  But, every once in a while it pops up in an email and you see your score.  Its never good.  You ask yourself - what else can I do?  You are energy conscious.  You consistently review your energy usage habits.

Learn the true focal point of how to save energy and avoid choosing the wrong solution to the problem.

Saturday, January 29 2022
Foxridge Attic Insulation All Wrong in Randallstown MD

This townhouse in Randallstown MD has a major insulation problem in the attic that was discovered during a BGE home energy audit. High ceilings and insulation techniques that are complicated to execute properly were the cause. Check out exactly what this builder did wrong and how to get it fixed...


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Insulation Video Library

Insulation Video Library

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