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home energy audit takeaways

Episode 11

A Pathway to Heat Pump Installation & Insulation at NO COST Upper Marlboro Maryland

Home Energy Audit TAKEAWAYS
YouTube Series - Episode 11
March 25, 2023

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Episode 11 Summary

⚡️WHY DID THIS HOMEOWNER GET THE ENERGY AUDIT? Homeowner's exact reason: How to get a heat pump installation in Maryland with insulation included.Too cold in the house when the temp drops below freezing.

⚡️WHERE WAS THIS HOME ENERGY AUDIT? This audit was done at an end-unit townhome located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, 20774, through the Pepco Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program.

⚡️WHAT MADE THIS ENERGY AUDIT INTERESTING? Upon arrival to the energy audit, I learned, to put it in the homeowner's words, the ballgame changed when the heat pump was declared "end of life" between the time the audit was scheduled and the day the audit was performed.

⚡️WHAT YOU MAY LEARN FROM THIS ENERGY AUDIT? Generally, going through the Pepco or BGE Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program is beneficial when purchasing a new HVAC. As the saying goes, why would you want to put a brand-new engine into a boat that leaks? This episode dives into the connection between the incredibly good Maryland EMPower incentives, particularly for those who tighten their home. Sealing the attic and ducts where possible can go a long way toward better comfort and efficiency.

⚡️KEY TAKEAWAY FROM THIS HOME ENERGY AUDIT: Take some time to learn more about the Pepco and BGE Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program before you decide to replace your HVAC system. It is a great choice when navigating through the process, particularly if you have an all-electric home with a HEAT PUMP or baseboard electrical heating.

00:00 Introduction
0:28 Today's Episode is About Replacing a Heat Pump
00:52 Energy Audit Reason for Getting the Inquiry
01:28 Working on the Audit Incentive Calculations
1:57 Deep Dive into the Incentive vs. Cost Breakdown
02:31 Why an Attic Visit is a Must if Replacing HVAC
02:52 List of Air Leakage Points in an Attic
3:52 Pepco Customer Wrap-Up Interview
4:41 How to Get in Touch with Eric Gans

Make a smart HVAC purchase and explore Maryland's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program before you replace your heat pump.

4 steps to find the Pepco Home Performance with ENERGY STAR rebates online.

Step 1: Google search: Pepco Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and click the top result.

Step 2: Find the link: Rebates for home improvements

Step 3: Find the link: measurements, requirements, and rebates

Step 4: (PDF) Read much more on your own about how the program works

4 steps to find the BGE Home Performance with ENERGY STAR rebates online.

Step 1: Google search: BGE Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and click on the top result

Step 2: Find the link: Rebates for Home Improvements (it is a button)

Step 3: Find the link: Full list of job measures.

Step 4: (PDF) Read much more on your own about how the program works I think this is my best episode yet as I continue to work on getting better at bringing good information to YOU.

Special thanks to Margaryta and congrats on having a more energy-efficient home!

Thank you for watching! If you would like to learn more about my home performance company or get in touch, please visit: or

If you would like to learn more about my home performance company or get in touch, please visit:


There are so many houses that I have been to for an energy audit where during the beginning walk through the owner is super focused on windows and doors. I know the reason for this. It is because it is the only possible place you can see any cracks and crevices that lead to the outside.

But, there are far worse offenders than those two areas, usually hiding in plain sight.

Hello and welcome to my world which revolves around teaching some of the basics of building science so that more people can get into the driver’s seat regarding their energy usage and overall comfort around the house.

Weekly episodes should yield a variety of housing types that will provide both common and unique scenarios. 

As always, finding the correct diagnosis will require good investigative work, experience, and the use of diagnostic equipment.

Hopefully, these daily encounters will help open people's minds to the subtle, yet important ways in which a home can lose, literally "tons" of energy.

Do you have some other issue not covered here?

Often times homeowners don't know what a home energy audit is or how it can actually help you understand energy waste in "three dimensional" ways.

For example, it is quite likely that a set of poorly sealed recessed lights will cost you far more in annual energy waste than perhaps all of the windows in your house.

Here is what the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program can do for you:

1.  It can help you avoid choosing the wrong solution to a comfort problem you are having around the house.

2.  An energy audit can help you find practical & often missed ways to reduce your energy bill.

3.  A home energy audit is a great way to organize your home improvement priority list.

4.  It will undoubtedly guide you, or someone you know, to a more comfortable home.

Can an energy audit help you?

Send us an email and we will respond.

If you have an issue that you are not sure about fitting in the parameters of what an energy audit can help diagnose, please inquire.

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