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You are not alone.  Visit our growing library of frequently asked questions.  Find solutions to home comfort issues and ask about new ones if yours is not listed...


See if you can relate to any of these 6 sources for comfort issues and high energy bills.  Check it out...

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Top 5 Reasons to Get an Energy Audit

Most Maryland residents can take advantage of a unique home assessment offered through BGE and Pepco.

The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program offers a substantially discounted energy audit for only $100.00.

Here are the top 5 reasons customers are getting their audit with Hometrust:

1. They want to know why they are getting letters saying they are using more energy than neighbors.

2. They report it is way too hot upstairs in the summer and the AC can't keep up.

3. They are not comfortable in winter due to cold spots and drafts despite doing all the "right" things.

4. They are tired of paying high energy bills and want to figure out how to make it lower.

5. They are considering replacing their HVAC or windows, but want to be sure that is the right move.

If any of these sound familiar then you have come to the right place to begin taking steps towards a more comfortable and efficient home.

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Specialized Services

According to the EPA Local Residential Energy Efficiency website, existing residential homes typically offer several opportunities for energy efficiency improvement.  To help enhance the energy efficiency of homes in different areas, including Maryland, local governments recommend homeowners get a comprehensive home energy audit.  The EPA says  "energy audits assess how much energy a home consumes and evaluates measures to make the home more energy efficient".  BGE and Pepco Energy Certified Contractor!

Blower Door Testing

Air leakage control in new residential homes is an enormous opportunity that the Department of Energy recognizes as a clear way to improve energy efficiency, comfort and safety. The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) added air sealing as a key provision to meet. Understanding the guidelines and knowing best practices to achieve results are important.  Reducing air leakage can improve summer indoor conditions (less humidity) and winter month energy loss can be greatly reduced with proper air sealing.

Home Comfort Specialists in Maryland

Hometrust Remodeling offers a wide variety of insulation & air sealing solutions to assist you with making your home more comfortable and efficient at the same time.  In looking at your home as a complete system, we use a building science approach to guide homeowners to the right choice in saving energy & overall satisfaction.  We make recommendations based on what the information we collect tells us.

Duct Leakage Testing

According to the EPA and other studies, the ducts in your home can be leaky enough to account for up as much as 30% of total energy loss. With testing equipment and procedures Hometrust calculates the cumulative area of your duct leakage holes to the outside down to the square inch without you ever having to go digging into the crawl space or attic to see the actual places where the leakage is occurring.

Precise Gutter Installation

Problems with water infiltration into your home must be managed in several different ways and gutters and downspouts are not only important in that effort, but they are also a part of the exterior of the home and require you to think about how they look in addition to how well they function.  The size of the gutter should be in relation to the pitch of the roof and thought should be given to the fascia board behind the gutter.  A full evaluation should be done prior to any new gutter project.

Replacement Window Solutions

Hometrust is here to give you objective information and to make your consideration of replacement windows informed, beneficial and stress-free.  We will let you know about common window problems, help you decide if your windows need replacing and provide useful information about the different replacement window choices you have.

Home Siding Experts

Siding protects a home from the elements and has one of the highest returns on investment compared to all of the exterior remodeling projects. Home siding installations require planning for proper execution including focusing on intricate details for a beautiful look.  Preparation of the areas around doors, windows and other openings to prevent water and air infiltration cannot be overlooked. New siding for a home requires careful considerations.

Maryland Entry Door Contractor

Entry doors can provide much more than just an attractive focal point of your home.  It is also important to consider other features besides the look. For example, what type of hardware does the door come with?  Is the door made from the most efficient material for lower bills?  The right quality entry door can be a great investment and Hometrust Remodeling is an expert exterior door contractor with the knowledge to complete your project with precision.

Maintenance Free House Trim

Hometrust provides solutions to make the exterior of your Maryland home beautiful and maintenance-free.  We can take precise measurements of the existing wood trim and provide accurate pricing on solutions to seal up the areas.  The rake board, fascia board and frieze board can typically be found on all types of Maryland homes.  Treating these areas will save money in the long term and enhance the look of the various features of your home.

Proper Attic Ventilation Experts

Attic Ventilation

Most home attics in Maryland are poorly ventilated.  Well designed roof ventilation systems can help keep attic temperatures lower.  A home with at least R-19 insulation, reflective shingles and proper attic ventilation can experience two-thirds less solar heat gain that those homes with darker roofs, little insulation and poor ventilation.  An attic ventilation system is made up of the soffit (intake) and the ridgevent (exhaust).  Learn more

Building Performance Institute Certified

Moisture Ventilation

Bathroom exhaust fans that dump into the attic will degrade insulation, disrupt the drywall finish and potentially could get clogged with dust and debris.  Properly terminated exhaust fans also have a damper so that it stays closed when not in use.  Another sign of an improperly vented exhaust fan is a cold bathroom.  Get an assessment on your exhaust fans around the house.  We can check the fan's effectiveness and determine where it terminates in the attic.


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What We Check

Free healthy home inspection Maryland

Low insulation levels identified


1. The Health of Your Attic

  • Ventilation & Airflow
  • Proper Insulation
  • Wall Insulation

"Thanks Keith and Eric, we learned a lot about our home and what we need in our attic."

BGE Energy Audit Maryland

Window & door assessments


2. Proper Air Barrier

  • Keep Humidity Out
  • Air Sealing Opportunities
  • Windows & Doors

"Eric did an amazing job explaining all details about energy efficiency."


3. Exterior Inspection

  • Siding Inspection
  • Envelope Tightness
  • Proper Drainage

"Very informative & professional - glad we did it!"

Exterior solutions to improve efficiency

Building Performance Institute Certified

Building Analyst

Feel free to call anytime 301-957-6532

A comprehensive whole-house assessment with a building analyst can determine the root cause of problems and make recommendations, assess ventilation, air flow and overall health and safety.

Please contact us now!

We will call you and conduct a quick phone assessment to get some basic information to be sure we can help.  On our initial call we want to answer your questions and find out more about the situation so we can schedule a successful visit.

The Big Secret About Replacement Windows 

Considering New Windows?

It took me 12 years
to figure this one out...


Building Performance Institute Certified
Building Performance Institute
Building Analysts
Envelope Professionals
BGE Approved Energy Contractor
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Helping You!

*Improve home comfort
Educate you about your home
*Find air leakage in your home
*Improve energy efficiency
*Use science for solutions
*Assess your building's shell
*Help prioritize improvements
*Find the root causes
*Assess insulation levels
*Measure indoor air quality
*Evaluate windows & doors
*Evaluate attic ventilation

Determine the purpose of a BGE energy audit and how it can actually help you...

IECC Maryland Energy Code Testing has never been so easy!  Contact us and we can walk you through the process.

Do you ever give your HVAC ducts any thought?  Read this article to learn about an easy way you can make your home more comfortable!

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    Our mission is to help Maryland homeowners create a more comfortable home and save energy by using building science principles and modern air sealing and insulation techniques.

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    "Energy auditors visit residential buildings and talk to owners and residents.  They inspect, test, and measure to decide what energy-efficient retrofits are practical and cost effective." Residential Energy