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Building envelope consultations Laurel, MD

Insulation Services in Laurel
New Construction - Preexisting Homes

Everyone has a specialty but often times we must crossover to other subjects or specialty trades and learn enough to feel "in control".  If you are building a new home or having an addition built there can be ton of information to interpret.  Don't let properly insulating the envelope of your new Maryland home get lost in the shuffle.  Get a third party opinion that can work with you and your builder to make sure the home is properly sealed and the insulation is done properly in order to maximize efficiency.

Building Performance Institute Certified

Qualifications for Laurel, MD
MHIC # 114593 - Building Analyst Certification

Whether it is to check existing insulation conditions in a Laurel home (typically not included in a home inspection), or to make sure that all connections to the outside are sealed before any finishing work is complete in a new Laurel construction project,  a certified Building Analyst (BA) can evaluate uncontrolled air leakage into and out of a home, evaluate the pressure and thermal boundary of a building's envelope and identify heating and cooling problems that lead to high bills and uncomfortable living spaces.

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A great first step to deciding if we are a good fit for what you need is to set up an initial phone consultation.  Phone contact usually takes about fifteen minutes and it provides an opportunity to determine if a consultation framework can be established that will ultimately provide a benefit to the homeowner based on their individual needs.  If yes, a formal proposal will be written and an initial visit can be set, if necessary.

Home Insulation
Consulting Services
Laurel, MD

New Home Construction Consultations
Are you building an energy efficient house? 
Do you need a third party inspector?
Want to test new windows for air leakage?
Would you like to be sure insulation is in the right places?
Does your new home have a moisture problem?
Does the new house have an HVAC duct that sweats?
Do you suspect a hot spot in your new home?
Does one of the rooms feel colder in the winter?

Existing Laurel Home Consultations
Do you really need new HVAC? 
Would you like to find those winter drafts?
Do you experience high indoor moisture and humidity? 
Wonder what is the best way to treat a crawl space?
Do you believe you have enough insulation in your attic?
What can be done that will actually make a difference?
Having any problems with "sweating ducts" in a ceiling?
Cold or hot spots in the room over the garage?

Laurel Home Addition Consultations
Recommendations for properly insulated additions
Consider possible pitfalls before building
Consider possible efficiency enhancements pre-build
What type of foundation is best?
What type of HVAC solution is best?
Do I need more heating and cooling?
Should ventilation be added for better air quality?
How should windows and doors be properly sealed?

Insulation consultations Laurel Maryland

Which insulation is best?

Thermal Boundary Evaluation


What type of insulation should you use for the Laurel, Maryland climate?  What type of insulation do you currently have?  What is your current insulation R-value for your home in Laurel?  Should you get rid of existing insulation and start with a clean attic floor?

The thermal boundary of a Laurel, MD home can be defined as the place in which the inside of the house (conditioned space) is separated from the outside of the house (unconditioned space).  The thermal boundary investigation requires looking at all six sides of of the separation points (top, bottom, back, front, left and right).  The thermal boundary can also be described as the "envelope" of the home with the difference being the thermal boundary is actually the insulation solution that is in place to make the home more efficient and comfortable.  Often times, especially in older homes (before 2000), the thermal boundary is not effective.

We can properly evaluate your current insulation at all six sides and tell you what you currently have and what you currently need to be up to standard and begin to enjoy a more comfortable, energy efficient home in Laurel, MD! 

Air Leakage Testing for Laurel Homes

Home air leakage testing Maryland

Blower Door Testing Services

Air sealing a Laurel house is one of the most important home improvement measures a homeowner can take to increase energy efficiency as well as comfort around the entire home.  Air leakage testing can be performed for the following reasons in a Laurel, MD home:

  • Test air sealing work that has been done for any missed opportunities
  • Test for areas of a home that need to be targeted with air sealing
  • Test before air sealing work is done for reference
  • Test after air sealing work is done for results 
  • Test for effectiveness of existing conditions
  • Test for replacement window installation air leakage
  • Test for replacement window manufacturing air leakage issues
  • Test for replacement door air installation leakage
  • Test for replacement door manufacturing air leakage problems
  • Test for draft sources and locations throughout a home

Air Leakage Testing

Laurel, MD

Insulation contractor Laurel, MD

Eric Gans - Building Analyst

Hometrust Remodeling - About Us

The core of Hometrust Remodeling's mission is to help homeowners build a home improvement priority list based on testing, investigation and building science principles in order to solve problems - not make them worse.

Since 2006, our team has conducted over five thousand in-home evaluations for Maryland homeowners including in-depth home energy audits, replacement window consultations and siding estimates.

We are licensed in Maryland and we are certified Building Analysts through the Building Performance Institute so we can evaluate uncontrolled air leakage into and out of a home and identify heating and cooling problems that lead to high bills and uncomfortable living spaces.

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Building Analyst Maryland Consulting Services

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Our mission is to help Maryland homeowners create a more comfortable home and save energy. We achieve this by applying building science principles and modern air sealing and insulating techniques.

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MHIC 158968
8345 Sperry Court
Laurel, MD 20723


Hometrust Remodeling

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