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Replacement window assessments Annapolis, MD

Free Window Estimates Annapolis, MD
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The replacement windows and patio doors we carry are measured and custom made for your home.  Each replacement window and door measurement is the key to the right fit.  Our experienced technicians and staff have over forty years of replacement window experience so they know how to properly seal your investment and prevent drafts.  We provide high quality windows and doors without the high prices.  Our pledge is to offer a good honest value on great windows and doors!  Give us a call, we'd love to help you out!

Building Performance Institute Certified

Licensed - Qualified - Insured
MHIC # 114593 - Building Analyst Certification

Hometrust Remodeling is licensed with the Maryland Home Improvement Commission and we are certified with the Building Performance Institute.  Our Building Analyst designation means that we are aware of the connection points between the inside and outside around windows and doors.  With key weatherization knowledge (foam sealant, caulking, flashing tape) and comprehensive installation techniques we are qualified to assist homeowners in Annapolis, Maryland with energy efficient window and door replacement projects.

Replacement window options Annapolis, Maryland

Replacement Window Features
Vinyl Windows - Wood Windows - Fiberglass

We specialize in NFRC certified windows.  We can customize a window solution package that fits individual needs.  We have window combinations to go with any style Annapolis house.  Special glass packages can stop solar heat gains through clear windows that contribute to uncomfortable summer indoor temperatures.  Laminated glass packages can make your home more safe or block out loud sounds from the street.  We can find the right color option for your HOA or make a window opening larger to allow more light or for a bay or bow window.  

Window Replacement Annapolis, MD
What is the process?

Window Evaluation

What we check:

  • Existing rotten wood, trim assessment
  • Window opening condition
  • General measurements
  • Thermal imaging for "weak" spots
  • Trim and molding inspection
  • Record existing window material types
  • Air leakage testing for each existing window
  • UV protection evaluation & location of windows in relation to the sun

We can help guide you to the right replacement window solutions for your home in Annapolis, MD!

Window Education

What you might learn:

  • Key factors and steps to replacing windows
  • Helpful tips for when purchasing new windows
  • How to choose the right window contractor
  • Window styles and shapes for Annapolis homes
  • Replacement window material types
  • Overview of the parts of a replacement window
  • Guidelines to get a good value for your money
  • Glass package options for soundproofing, comfort

We answer common window replacement questions that many Annapolis homeowners tend to have.

Exact Price in Writing

Experienced and Knowledgeable Consultants

Prior leaving your home, our windows specialist will provide an accurate quote for the windows that you are considering replacing.  If you are willing to invest the time with us to learn about your windows and determine what windows are the best fit for your home, then we are prepared to complete the transaction by providing you with a workscope and accurate estimate.

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Confident window specialists can measure and price while in your home.

Precision window installation Annapolis, MD

Window Installation Annapolis, Maryland

Window Installation Steps Annapolis, MD

With over 40 years of replacement window and door experience in Annapolis, MD the team at Hometrust Remodeling will properly install your windows.

Removal of Old Windows
Different types of windows require different techniques for removal.  For example, metal aluminum windows are more difficult to remove compared to wood windows. 

Types of Windows that are Removed in Annapolis, MD homes: Metal Windows. Aluminum Windows, Vinyl Windows, Wood Windows, Fiberglass Windows

Once the opening is clear of the old existing window our installation team cleans the window opening so that it is free of any debris prior to insertion of the new replacement window.  This ensures a tight fit as the window was measured and intended to be.  Cleaning the opening also allows the foam sealant to properly expand in the cavity and seal the new window from air leakage.  Caulking also performs better when it is applied to a dry, clean surface.

Securing the New Windows into Openings
Technicians insert the new vinyl replacement window into the cleared opening and secure the new replacement window to the frame of the home with stainless steel screws.  During this part in the installation process, it is critical to be sure the window is installed level so that all of the moving parts are balanced properly for smooth operation.  If the window is not level during this stage in the installation then it will not function properly.  This is a good fail-safe for making sure that when the window is finally sealed there are not issues with it being level and properly secured to the opening.

Sealing Replacement Windows
Technicians use high quality low expanding foam insulation between the window frame and the rough opening frame of your home to seal all gaps so that your Annapolis, MD house is buttoned up! 

Next, we install an exterior capping package made from a special maintenance-free material that is carefully measured and formed to completely seal the outside trim around the window.

The installation crew then uses a high quality replacement window caulk that is specially formulated for exterior use in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Finally, we use an acrylic caulk on the inside of the home to further seal your new replacement windows as well as finish the installation process neatly and professionally.

Top Notch Window Solutions
Annapolis, MD

Annapolis MD Window Contractor

Eric Gans - Principal & Founder

Hometrust Remodeling - About Us

The core of Hometrust Remodeling's mission is to help homeowners build a home improvement priority list based on testing, investigation and building science principles in order to solve problems - not make them worse.

Since 2006, our team has conducted over five thousand in-home evaluations for Maryland homeowners including in-depth home energy audits, replacement window consultations and siding estimates.

We are licensed in Maryland and we are certified Building Analysts through the Building Performance Institute so we can evaluate uncontrolled air leakage into and out of a home and identify heating and cooling problems that lead to high bills and uncomfortable living spaces.

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Our mission is to help Maryland homeowners create a more comfortable home and save energy by using building science principles and modern air sealing and insulation techniques.

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