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Crofton MD Attic Insulation

attic insulation is important for crofton maryland home if you want comfort and energy efficiency

Crofton MD Insulation
Why is air sealing so important?


A key to understanding the importance of insulation and how it actually works is to think about the air inside of your home.

Hot air masses build in different areas of your living space during different times of the year and if left unchecked - it will wreak havoc!

Sealing holes to the attic in the right places will stop the heat in its tracks and slow it way down so that your heating and cooling system has a chance to catch up.

Do You Need Insulation?

According to ENERGY STAR® 9 out of 10 attics are under-insulated...

Same for Crofton too!

7 Signs that Your Crofton Attic Needs Insulationattic insulation crofton md

1. It is difficult to achieve comfort around the different parts of your home.
2. You need to set up supplemental heating or cooling around the house.
3. You pay high energy bills and get very little comfort in return.
4. You still feel drafts despite doing what you can to seal things up.
5. You see pests and insects such as spiders and spider webs.
6. You notice continuously running HVAC equipment on less than extreme weather days.
7. You checked your attic insulation using this insulation R-value guide!



Rule Your Attic! Did you know that 9 out of 10 homes in the U.S. are under-insulated*? Take the first step and learn how to measure your attic insulation level today!


Crofton MD Insulation

How to Insulate?


Start with a comprehensive home energy audit!


Avoid Choosing the Wrong Solution

Partner with an Expert

Hop in the driver's seat when it comes to your Crofton home's comfort and efficiency!

BGE & Pepco Comprehensive Home Energy Audits

A home energy audit is like the GPS of home improvements...

energy audit maryland

It will guide you turn by turn to better comfort and overall energy efficiency.


Get a home energy audit & get questions answered such as:

Should I use blown-in insulation or rolled insulation?
Should I remove old insulation from my attic?

How much insulation do I need in my attic?
How do I properly vent my crawl space?
What is the best way to seal my crawl space?
Is spray foam insulation the best solution for my home?
Why are my new windows feeling drafty?
Should I insulate the walls in my home?
What areas should I seal to reduce drafts?

BGE Energy Audit
Attic Inspection Summary

Take a look at several insulation issues that are common in Crofton attics.


2 Things You Need to Get Crofton Maryland Insulation Right

Insulation consultations Crofton

Which insulation is best for Crofton home comfort?

Crofton MD Insulation Evaluation

What type of insulation should you use for the Maryland climate? 
What type of insulation do you currently have? 
What is your current insulation R-value for your home in Crofton? 
Should you get rid of existing insulation and start with a clean attic floor?

Hometrust will evaluate your current insulation at all six sides and tell you what you currently have and what you currently need to be up to insulation code for Crofton, MD.

Whole House Air Leakage Testing

Home air leakage testing Crofton

Blower Door Testing Crofton, MD

Air sealing a Crofton house is important to increase energy efficiency as well as comfort around your entire home. 
Air leakage testing advantages:

  • Test for areas of a home that need to be targeted with air sealing
  • Test before air sealing work is done for reference
  • Test after air sealing work is done for results 
  • Test for window and door installation air leakage
  • Use the results for guidance about indoor air quality needs

Every Home Energy Audit Includes

Air Leakage Testing

Crofton, MD


Air Leakage Demo During Energy Audit

We check windows, doors, fireplace, walls, etc.


Eric Gans - Certified Energy Auditor


Hello Crofton!

One thing that you will find in my approach to being an insulation professional is that I work really hard at it so that I can provide the best experience, information and results for YOU!

Read some of the results below...


Insulation professional Crofton md

Eric Gans - Certified Envelope Professional - Building Analyst - MHIC 114593 - Crofton



Home Energy Audits - Crofton



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Crofton, Maryland
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Our mission is to help Maryland homeowners create a more comfortable home and save energy. We achieve this by applying building science principles and modern air sealing and insulating techniques.

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MHIC 114593
8345 Sperry Court
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