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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Replacement Rockville MD

Do exhaust fans really need so much love?
Homeowners in Rockville, Maryland are missing a simple, yet important functioning part of their bathroom.  Exhaust fans are in most household bathrooms.  Yet, as familiar as they are to Rockville homeowners, there are several important factors that are getting overlooked.  

Here are 5 things about bath fans you might not know:

  1. Most exhaust fans installed in Rockville Maryland homes vent moisture directly into the attic
           --This causes mold
           --This accelerates the age of the roof
           --This degrades existing insulation
  2. Bathroom exhaust fan ducts running through an attic can "sweat" during a Rockville, MD winter if not insulated properly
  3. Different fan models exhaust different amounts of air per minute
  4. If an exhaust fan is making noise, that does not mean it is working right
  5. Incorrectly installed fans can act as gateways to the attic increasing BGE and Pepco energy bills

As it turns out, a bathroom exhaust fan is important for indoor air quality and should be installed correctly!  

Correctly installed bathroom fan in a Rockville MD home:

  • The exhaust fan damper is vented through the side wall or roof
  • A bath fan should be measured for how much air it is exhausting after installation
  • A bathroom fan duct should be insulated to R-8 in Rockville Maryland climate
  • Rigid duct is preferred with a maximum run of 25'
  • The fan housing should be air sealed to prevent air leakage
Let the Experts do It! 

Complete Bathroom Exhaust Package

All Inclusive & Exclusive
New Install or Replacement in Rockville, MD

Current Fan Evaluation
 We measure your current bath fan exhaust speed
 We inspect the current exhaust fan termination point
 We look for signs of duct "sweating" or roof mold in the attic

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Replacement Includes
 A high performance fan with low noise
 Fan is set to the right speed for the size of the bathroom
 Air seal the new fan installation to stop air leakage
 Properly seal and insulate the bath fan exhaust duct
 Properly terminate the exhaust fan duct to the "outdoors"**
 Add a delay timer for automatic service
 Check the fan speed upon completion
 Check the fan speed in one month after completion for free

**The price is standard and includes up to 5' of exhaust ducting

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WATCH - An Efficient Bathroom Exhaust Fan 

This Panasonic low sone bathroom exhaust fan is set
to exhaust 80 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM)

Bathroom exhaust fan installation

This is a classic example of years of moisture exhausting directly into the roof sheathing causing black mold and shortening the roof system's life.

Bathroom exhaust fan replacement

Venting exhaust to the "outdoors" should be a high priority

Bathroom exhaust fan replacement Rockville

Exhaust fans that are properly vented through the roof to the outdoors have covers that look like these.  Does your roof have any of these?

Building Analyst exhaust installation

We follow good building science principle to guide our installation practices.

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