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Tuesday, July 28 2020
How to Prioritize Home Duct Sealing Projects

Sealing the crevices that matter most!

In existing homes, it is not out of the ordinary to find components of the heating and cooling duct configuration to be disconnected, loosely connected or connected and leaky due to old methods of installation.  If the problems are in ducts that are located in the attic or in a crawl space the loss is greatest and should be high priorities.

Duct leakage points located inside the conditioned area of a home are less costly than those that are outside, but there are examples where leakage inside the envelope can cause pressure dynamics in the home that actually can force conditioned air out or pull it in, so it should not be overlooked.

Duct leakage diagnostics Maryland
An energy auditor can find disconnected ducts that are quite costly

Cracks in the ducts that are under the greatest pressure leak the most and therefore are higher priorities.  An example of this would be the ducts closest to the air handler.  In this area of the system, the pressure is greatest.  The good news for many homeowners is that many opportunities exist to seal near the air handler.

It is always best to target all ducts in an HVAC duct system, but it is worth noting that supply ducts are more important to seal than return ducts.

Consider getting a duct diagnostic test performed to determine how leaky your ducts are overall and isolate those that are outside to see how much they are leaking compared to the system as a whole.


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