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 Are you looking for an HVAC company near Columbia, MD?

Before doing so - did you consider a home energy audit?

The two are connected - Learn How

Do you live in Columbia MD?

                                              Are you having home comfort issues?

  Is your Columbia HVAC company saying to get a new system?

            Are you about to spend a lot of $ for new HVAC?


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Before you call Columbia MD HVAC Companies!
If your home is not sealed - they cannot help you!

Here Are 3 Reasons to 

Get a BGE Energy Audit First

before you call HVAC companies in Columbia, MD


hvac company in Columbia maryland

HVAC Units are Very Simple Machines

Just because it looks bad, does not mean it is not working properly.  Don't let HVAC companies in Columbia MD scare you into judging a book by its cover.  It is more important to pass judgement on how the air feels on the inside.  With intermittent maintenance, Columbia, MD HVAC systems are actually simple machines that are built to run a very long time.  Unless your unit is not producing warm or cool air when called upon to do so, replacing HVAC is NOT the answer to comfort issues or energy savings in Columbia MD.

The key to comfort is tightening up the "envelope" of your Columbia home.  An energy auditor will talk to you about how to keep more of the air that you are paying for inside of your home.  That is the name of the game.  Your HVAC runs less - prolonging its life - costing you less - using less & gaining comfort.  It's a recipe for success for any Columbia MD home.


hvac companies Columbia maryland

New Engine in a Boat with a Leak?

It would be great if your friend bought a new motor for his boat. But, if you found out that he put the new motor in a boat that had several places it leaked, it would be odd.  Wouldn't it make sense to use the funds to fix the leak first?

You get the point here.  Why purchase a new HVAC system if your Columbia MD house is poorly insulated?  Worse, why install a new high efficiency HVAC system with leaky ducts? 

If the pathway that the air takes with a new HVAC system is the same as it is taking with the existing system, then not much will change with overall comfort and efficiency gains will be nominal.

A BGE energy audit will uncover any issues and provide great solutions to get the most out of your HVAC before making any decision.  Sometimes people decide not change after improving insulation.


hvac company in Columbia md

The Audit Unlocks Higher BGE Rebates!

Create a smart plan that taps into the resources that are available to you through BGE!  And, don't feel pressured to make any quick decisions.  Rushing to get an HVAC unit replaced is never a good idea.  With a good maintenance routine and a comprehensive home energy audit this nightmare scenario can easily be avoided.

As energy auditors we perform tests and collect information around your individual home and prepare a report that models energy usage and future usage if important measures are purchased. 

When the air sealing and insulation is in place, the efficiency of the new HVAC reaches it's full potential and as a result the modeling software recognizes this and increases rebates associated with the savings - so generally, the higher the rebate - the higher the savings!

Before you Purchase New HVAC in Columbia, MD
Learn About
Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
® BGE Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

What  Columbia BGE customers should know before buying new HVAC!

What HVAC Companies in Columbia MD Don't Tell You

Columbia HVAC companies have a very good gig.  When we don't feel comfortable inside our house - we panic.  As soon as something goes wrong with the thermostat the calculator comes out to see how much is in the finances to replace the furnace.  The thought of being without heat shakes us to the core.  If there is too much humidity in the house during summer months, it can be unsettling.

What often times gets missed is finding the true source of the issue.  Is insulation misaligned?  Does the thermostat just need a battery replaced?  Could a duct have gotten disoconnected causing a temperature variance?  Sometimes our bodies change. It is that simple. We become more sensitive to the temperature, especially in the "comfort" of our own home.

Law of Diminishing Returns

A good example of the law of diminishing returns can be taken from a new HVAC installation. 

Too many times we see homeowners that are being urged by their Columbia MD HVAC company to replace their 15 year old HVAC system. 

There is absolutely no doubt that technology has advanced over the last fifteen years and in HVAC there is no difference.  But, you simply will not recoup your expense in a reasonable time - if ever - when you replace a unit that is only 15 years old. 

And, you can be sure you will never do it if you have not properly sealed the attic and insulated the areas around the house that matter most.

How an Energy Audit Can Guide You

Two Great Benefits of a BGE Energy Audit

BGE Energy Audit
A comprehensive home energy audit through the Home Performance with Energy Star® program and BGE will cost you $100

A BGE energy audit is a key that can unlock two great things:  

1. Secret ways to improve comfort and energy efficiency

2. Incentives through the state of Maryland to offset your costs

Getting an audit opens up increased incentives for the following for homes in Columbia:

  • Air Sealing and insulation
  • Heating and cooling equipment
  • ENERGY STAR® Windows and Doors
  • Hybrid heat pump water heaters
  • Duct Sealing
  • Smart Thermostats

What to Expect from a BGE Energy Audit

A comprehensive BGE energy audit can guide you to energy savings and comfort. If you are not sure what improvement should be next, a BGE energy audit can set a clear path for you.

Too many Columbia home energy audits fall short on customer experience. A BGE energy audit in Maryland should be interactive and enlightening. It should uncover ways to improve comfort, energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

When Replacing HVAC Makes Sense

Finding the true source to a comfort issue requires a specialized firm that can look at a house as a complete system of many separate parts - all of which need to work well with one another in order to give back to those that habitate the space. 

A bad feeling an energy auditor gets is when they are learning that the reason that the homeowner wants the audit is to figure out why replacing the furnace in their Columbia MD home last winter did not help with the bill or with comfort.  

The idea is to learn those reasons before you replace the HVAC - then the dynamics shift - on a few different fronts.  

If you solve the bigger issues, tighten the envelope and explore new HVAC then maximizing BGE Smart Energy Saver Rebates will make return on investment much greater and intial costs much lower.

HVAC company Columbia maryland
Blower door testing during an energy audit
helps to uncover leakage points around a house.
Sealing connections to the outside is key to 
properly evaluating HVAC systems.
Don't Replace HVAC Until You Get An Energy Audit! 

If you had a BGE home energy audit, or plan to get one, you should be able to identify with the following takeaways:

  • The technician explained the BGE energy audit process

  • You will know how much insulation you have and how much you need to improve HVAC performance

  • The technician answered your questions about your HVAC age, efficiency and overall "tightness"

  • The technician showed you something that you did not realize about your HVAC system

  • Parts of the BGE energy audit were interactive

  • You part ways with your auditor feeling smarter about your home and more in control of your heating & cooling

  • A clear priority list begins to emerge with both wants and needs addressed

  • You got at least one do-it-yourself tip that will make an immediate impact on your energy usage or comfort

  • You remember the blower door test!

  • You felt a leakage point somewhere inside your Maryland home

  • Your home was same way it was before the audit!

These are all signs that you have had an excellent BGE energy audit!

A BGE Energy Audit Can Unlock Bigger Incentives

that typical Columbia, MD HVAC companies cannot offer.

More About How BGE Rebates Work

You have to put a some "skin in the game" if you are BGE or Pepco customer and you want to learn about the 2020 rebates that are available to you for energy saving projects around the house.  Maryland lawmakers and planners along with Excelon forward thinkers joined up with ENERGY STAR® to bring a BGE rebate program to Maryland that is amongst the best in the nation. 

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® (HPwES) make a lot of sense when you stop and think about how the program works.  Getting an energy audit is like getting an examination of your home so proper treatment can be prescribed.  Because this will be done by a trained professional, BGE insulation rebates and Pepco insulation rebates will be unlocked and available for Maryland energy customers to offset thier project costs.

New HVAC + Leaky Ducts = NO GAINS

hvac companies columbia maryland
A comprehensive BGE energy audit will uncover issues that
lead to uncomfortable homes and sometimes the fixes are
much less expensive than a new HVAC system. 
It is well worth the $100 to find out!

Learn about ways to make your home more efficient.  Columbia MD HVAC company representatives walk right past leaky air ducts.

Don't Miss Out on Bigger Rebates!

One homeowner near Columbia MD did not know how the BGE rebates for 2020 worked and replaced her heat pump with a high efficiency unit.  She was kicking herself after learning about the BGE insulation rebate and how it worked.  At the time of purchase the HVAC salesman made a strong case for her to replace her older unit with a high efficiency machine that comes with a "cookie cutter" $400 rebate.  It seemed good at the time.

Columbia BGE rebates 2020

About a year later she decided to have the audit done and it unlocked several important things that should have been considered before the HVAC purchase.  The biggest negative was finding out that the BGE 2020 rebate for the HVAC system she purchased - the same exact one - was $2000 had she gone through the process and had the audit done first.

This is the part that can be confusing, but is really rather a simple idea and it helps to understand what the program is all about.  The reason the BGE insulation rebate for the same machine was five times as great was because of one simple fact that energy advisors know.

The only way that a new efficient HVAC is going to really pay back is if the house for which it is serving up conditioned air is properly air sealed and insulated.  Otherwise, the savings over time that you gain from a high efficiency machine is pennies on the dollar.

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