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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Replacement Potomac, MD

You need a home performance contractor because exhaust fans are connected to energy efficiency.

For example, an electrician may not seal your new fan properly and leave gaps to the outside.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Replacement for Potomac, MD Homeowners

You need a home performance contractor because exhaust fans are connected to energy efficiency.

For example, an electrician may not seal your new fan properly and leave gaps to the outside.


Noisy, But Does it Work?



Compare a fan from 1980s compared to a new, quiet fan.

 A working exhaust fan can keep your home cooler during hot Potomac summers.
Modern fans create a sustainable home by getting moisture out.
 Air sealing the fan will keep your home warmer in the winter.

Assessments in Potomac


Get Exhaust Fan Investigation

bathroom exhaust fan replacement estimates

 Current fan condition.
 Check the status of the termination.
Age of the electrical wiring.


We Do It All Potomac!



 Duct the exhaust fan properly to the outside.
 Tools to test the exhaust fan airflow.
 Sealing the fan in the attic.

Exhaust Fans Need ❤️ 

Hello. I am Eric Gans, a home performance contractor near Potomac, Maryland.

If you need information or pricing for bathroom exhaust fans, you might wonder how I can help.Maryland Contractor Eric Gans

Most are shocked at how much a well-functioning exhaust fan can contribute to a home's overall performance.

I install, properly vent, and test my new fan installations so they work to eliminate problems a non-working fan may cause.

summer energy efficiency and comfort for Potomac homeowners 

Summer Comfort 
A dry house in the summer is a cooler, more comfortable house.

Have you ever noticed that the mirrors in your bathroom stay fogged? In the summer, if the moisture from showering lingers, it mixes with the air in your house making it more difficult for your AC to keep up. This is where a well-functioning exhaust fan plays a crucial role.

long lasting Potomac, md homes that are energy efficient

If you see peeling paint in the bathroom, it's time to investigate.

As a homeowner, you're the first line of defense against issues around the house. Your existing fan might just be turning on and making a noise—and that's it. Recognizing the signs and taking action can help maintain your home's sustainability and comfort.

assessing current exhaust fans will yield valuable improvement guidance for Potomac homeowners.

Exhaust fans that vent directly into the attic are  not as effective.

One fascinating concept to learn about building science is how air travels throughout the house, from places like the attic and crawl space into the living space. If a fan sends moisture into the attic, it will make its way back inside your living space.

new fans are sleek and much less noisy than builder grade models.

New fans are much sleeker and much less noisy.

We live with annoyingly loud fans in our ceilings. It seems like a jet lands behind you when you do your business. Sone ratings come on all exhaust fans and should be considered. The difference can be amazing and change the ambiance of the space.

Watch Out for Peeling Paint

seal up gateways for warm air to escape in the colder months.

Winter Comfort
Exhaust fans often act as gateways to the attic.

Have you ever noticed a chill in the bathroom on a cold winter morning? Exhaust fans can allow warm air to escape rapidly, creating drafts and comfort issues. Any penetration in the ceiling on upper floors (attic connections) should get special consideration for air sealing.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light - Replacement

Potomac Homeowners
We can help!

All Inclusive & Exclusive - New Install or Replacement

Current Fan EvaluationBuilding Analyst exhaust installation
 We measure your current bath fan exhaust speed.
 We inspect the current exhaust fan termination point.
 We look for signs of duct "sweating" or roof mold in the attic.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Replacement Includes
 A high-performance fan with low noise.
 The fan is set to the right speed for the size of the bathroom.
 Air seal the new fan installation to stop air leakage.
 Properly seal and insulate the bath fan exhaust duct.
 Properly terminate the exhaust fan duct to the "outdoors."
 Check the fan speed upon completion.

What We Do

When replacing an old exhaust fan around a house in Potomac, Maryland, there is much more to the task than meets the eye.

Figuring out the wiring, determining the direction the fan should face, and adequately venting the fan so that moisture exits the building envelope are only a few keys to a successful installation.

I have not seen a new exhaust fan replacement that created no challenge to overcome. 

Typical conditions for a bathroom fan installation:

 Working in tight spaces such as the ceiling or the attic
 Working with an array of tools
 Maintaining cleanliness
 Working carefully
 Use of brain
 Ability to use balance

Maryland Contractor in Potomac

We follow modern building science principles to guide our installation practices.


Home Comfort Specialist

Back in the day, I spent a good amount of time with my window and siding customers pointing out how the exterior parts of a house work together.

Like many in my field, I failed to understand some of the key connections between a house's inside and outside at the time.

Now, I use three-dimensional thinking to give you the best possible advice. I can teach you how to make your home more weather-resistant, and one of my specialties is ventilation.


Building Science - A Great Way to Think!

Who has time to think about Building Science? Not many do, but you should, especially if you want a more comfortable and efficient home.

Bathroom exhaust fans that are properly installed can help your quality of life by improving indoor air quality, keeping your home more comfortable, and making it more maintenance-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install a new fan in my bathroom?
The time it takes varies a little from house to house. Generally, it takes between three and five hours and a better estimate can be given after the initial investigation.
How does my roof get sealed if the fan is vented through the shingles?
As former roofing contractor, I am familiar with roofing techniques and the proper sealants to use in order to keep your home dry and safe.
How much does getting a fan installed cost?
Generally, a bathroom exhaust fan replacement project can range from $850 - $1250 depending on several factors that should be assessed prior to the installation.
Can I have a switch added so that my lights and my new fan are able to turn on independently?
In most cases, yes. I can add a switch dedicated to the fan, however a proper assessment must be completed prior to the installation and generally, this can only be done on the upper floor bathrooms.
Are the new fans less noisy than the older fans?
Yes! The new exhaust fans are sleeker and equal to or less than one sone (very quiet!).
Can I get a bathroom exhaust fan with a light to brighten up my bathroom?
Yes! In most cases, we can add a fan with a bright light which is a great addition to a dimly lit bathroom.
What size bath fan should I get for my bathroom?
Most fans nowadays come with multiple settings for flexibility. Generally, most average sized bathrooms will be fine with 50-100 CFM (cubic feet per minute).
I see bath fans online for $79, why does it cost so much?
Each exhaust fan retrofit in a house has several challenges that must be weighed into the overall cost. In addition to the time it takes, there are material costs and other overhead to take into consideration such as proper tools, knowledge, licensing and insurance.


Get Exhaust Fan Investigation

bathroom exhaust fan replacement estimates

 Current fan condition.
 Check the status of the termination.
Age of the electrical wiring.


Don't delay getting your exhaust fan checked. If your seeing any of the signs, it can really improve your quality of life.

Specialized Maryland Contractor


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Our mission is to help Maryland homeowners create a more comfortable home and save energy. We achieve this by applying building science principles and modern air sealing and insulating techniques.

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