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BGE Home Energy Audit Finds - Attic Access Points


A common find at a BGE energy audit is issues with the way the attic access points around the house are sealed and insulated.

This would include the push up hatch type you would find in the ceiling.  Often times they are in a closet or hallway.  Another type is the pull down stairs that we usually find in a house with storage or HVAC in the attic.  Some homes have attic access doorways in walls.

If you walk into a closet or hallway and the temperature feels different or uncomfortable check for an attic access point.  Chances are the area requires a better insulation solution.

BGE energy audit discovery
Image 1 - The closet is a common location for the access hatch to the attic.  Typically the hatch is a weak point in an insulated attic.
BGE energy audit thermography
Image 2 Thermal - Infrared reveals that this hatch is also leaky and wasting energy.  A trend emerges.
BGE Energy Audit Maryland
The top side view of the pull down stairs attic tent solution.  This view does not show a fully installed product.  
BGE Energy Audit Maryland
Pull down attic stairs insulation solution - inside view.
BGE Energy Audit Maryland
Thermal view of a pull down attic hatch.
BGE energy audits uncover common home issues
Image 1 Thermal - Looking at the hatch through a thermal camera reveals the passive energy waste.
BGE home energy audit
Image 2 - Another hatch in another home. 
This one is in the hallway.
BGE Energy Audit
Notice the photo taken during this recent BGE energy audit shows the drywall hatch cover is the only thing separating the home from the attic (unconditioned space).
BGE Energy Audit
Proper treatment for an attic hatch made of plywood or drywall.
Infrared image of untreated pull down attic stairs.
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