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BGE Home Energy Audit Finds - Wall Air Leakage


We found these freshly drilled electrical wire holes open in the attic. This is commononly found during BGE enery audits in Columbia, MD. 

We are going to show you how this works with a few photos that were taken froma home that had storm damage several years ago.  

Open holes at the top of a wall that is connected to the attic is costing you money and comfort.

Learn more about a kneewall which could also be a reason for comfort issues or high energy bills.

BGE energy audit discovery
It is a common practice to drill holes in the tops of walls to run electrical through the cavity, but it is costly if not sealed properly.
BGE energy audits uncover common home issues
Sealing all the holes in the tops of walls in an attic is a great way to start saving money and feeling more comfortable.
BGE energy audit Maryland
This interior wall cavity shows the general concept of the electrical wiring running through the framing which is the same way it goes through the top of the wall in the attic.
Discoveries during BGE energy audits
This photos from a home that had storm damage (ceiling missing in upstairs bathroom) you can see where the electrical runs through the wall to supply power to the vanity lights.
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