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Siding Replacement

We provide home siding replacement consultations to include vapor barrier recommendation, style assessment and accurate estimate.

Home siding replacement Maryland

Siding is to a home as a jacket is to a human body.



Which replacement siding style is right for your home?

Home siding comes in many different styles and colors.  Depending on the style of your home, siding can accent the gables or the roof with a single color or several different colors.  We can answer questions about the insulating qualities of new home siding.



Heavy Duty, Stylish, Fade Resistant

The replacement home siding we carry is durable, practical and attractive.  The right quality vinyl or cement siding can also prove to be a great investment for resale value and can make your home more beautiful and efficient.

James Hardie Siding Install Maryland

James Hardie Siding, Vinyl Siding, Vertical Siding, Trim, Soffit



Our Siding Replacement Team is Trained & Ready

Home siding replacement, unlike other exterior remodeling projects, is much more of an art rather than a science. Because each home is unique, home siding replacement requires a sharp eye and planning.




Professional, Experience, Licensed

Properly installed home siding requires special techniques to maintain the siding system’s integrity.  Hometrust works with residential siding crews that have a minimum of ten years on the job installation experience.

Home energy audit Maryland

In about an hour, we can assess the home for key measures that can greatly increase comfort and efficiency.  A report can be provided that will detail the condition of four key areas: exterior, health/safety, insulation & air leakage testing.

Replacement window company Maryland

Hometrust can evaluate doors for performance and air leakage through the use of thermal imaging and pressure testing.  An onsite door report will be provided as well as guidance and pricing information.

Building Performance Institute Certified
Building Performance Institute
Building Analysts
Envelope Professionals
BGE Approved Energy Contractor
Pepco Approved Energy Contractor

Having your home evaluated by Hometrust is a great way to identify your next home improvement project. 
Certifications earned through the Building Performance Institute demonstrate our ability to:

  • Find air leakage points around your home. 
  • Show you steps to improve energy efficiency.
  • Use science to guide improvements to comfort.  
  • Educate you how to tighten your building's shell. 
  • Learn about these opportunties before it is too late. 
  • Provide a unique perspective on your home's overall performance. 
  • Determine the root cause of any problems.
  • Assess current insulation effectiveness.
  • Measure air flow.
  • Evaluate windows, doors, siding and roofing.
  • Put you in complete control of the outcome.
Home siding replacement Maryland
    Specialized Maryland Contractor
    • MHIC Licensed
    • Building Analyst Certified
    • Envelope Professional Certification
    • EPA Lead Renovator Certified

    Hometrust Remodeling is a licensed contractor specializing in a whole-house approach to home remodeling with an emphasis on educating our customers, providing energy efficient solutions, maintaining a network of high caliber technicians and using building science principles.  As a result, we can effectively guide Maryland homeowners towards projects that satisfy comfort needs, aesthetics and value.

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