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Did you know that the average age of a home in Montgomery County, Maryland is 44 years old?  There was a big surge in the 60s, 70s and 80s and only 1% of the homes in Montgomery County were built after 2010.  There are roughly 260,000 single family homes in Montgomery County, Maryland.

If you live in Brookeville, Maryland chances are you need insulation based on the age of your home!

Before you spend money on replacement windows or on a new HVAC unit, please get an energy audit

Energy audits evaluate for the following:

1. Home air leakage points

2. Air sealing opportunities

3. Insulation level & effectiveness

4. Temperature variances on different floors

Take the whole house approach to remodeling.  Find the correct solutions for high energy bills and comfort issues. 

Create a priority list.

Learn about the 6 most common sources of home comfort issues.

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Regardless of which material and application was used in houses built in Brookeville, Maryland, insulation is not fully effective unless it is installed properly. Insulation works because it incorporates air pockets that slows the conduction of heat. This resistance to heat flow is measured by the R-value of the material.  However, most insulation in an Brookeville, MD home attic does not stop air flow.  Thus, for most insulation to be effective in a house in Brookeville, a separate air barrier or skin is needed to stop the flow of air. For the air barrier itself to be effective, it must be contiguous and continuous across the entire building envelope and it must be perfectly aligned with the insulation. 

Comfort in both winter and summer is related to four factors in Brookeville, Maryland:

1. Air temperature
2. Relative humidity
3. Radiant temperature
4. Air movement
For every cubic foot of air that enters a cubic foot leaves, taking the heating or cooling energy with it.  If air sealing is missing at the attic floor in a Brookeville, MD house then it is likely to function less efficiently and be uncomfortable.  For most insulation to be effective air sealing is needed to stop the flow of air. Most Brookeville attics are insulated to between. R-10-30 (5-15") and there is no air sealing.  Increasing the R-value to 49 as recommended for the Brookeville, MD area will improve comfort and efficiency.  Any attic access point to the attic such as a push up hatch should be treated by sealing and insulating. Recessed lights should be covered and sealed at the attic floor prior to adding insulation.  Baffles should be extended/added where necessary to maintain attic ventilation for the climate in Brookeville, MD.

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Montgomery County Maryland houses are on average 44 years old indicating the likely need for improvements to insulation for comfort and energy efficiency.

Blower door test Brookeville, MD

Air leakage testing guides you to the places that need to be sealed!

Insulation estimates in Brookeville, MD

If your attic looks like this in Brookeville, MD you need insulation!

Air sealing company Brookeville, Maryland

Air sealing should be performed prior to adding insulation to the attic floor.  Get an inspection today to determine what your attic needs.

Brookeville MD Energy Audits

Thermal images reveal problems you can't see!

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