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A Whole House Approach to Home Remodeling

A residential home is a lot like a puzzle.  Quite often, unfortunately, home improvement project decisions are based on incorrect information.

The pieces, simply said, are put in the wrong place.

Get your comprehensive home energy audit so you don't get trapped in common home improvement pitfalls!

For example, do any of these things bother you?

  • An addition to the house is uncomfortable and rarely used.
  • The room above the garage is always too hot or too cold.
  • The builder should have added another zone in my house.
  • I replaced my windows and my drafts have not gone away.
  • The bathroom mirror fogs up with the exhaust fan running.
  • It is drafty in the family room where we like to hang out.
  • The basement is never comfortable and rarely is used.

Taking a whole house approach to any one of the above concerns could help you turn your house into a comfortable home.  

Each Maryland home is a senstive "ecosystem" that should be examined with proper testing and investigative work.  It is important to find the source of any problem, prevent any new problems and most importantly, have the right information to work toward making all of the parts work better together.

At Hometrust Remodeling we have the team to put all of the pieces together for you!

Answer a few quick questions to deterimine
if an energy audit is worth the investment.

COVID-19 Best Practices

Everyone at Hometrust Remodeling is taking the COVID-19 virus seriously and we have several best practices in place while we are exempt from the shutdown and are able to continue to help Maryland homeowners with their home improvement needs.

Best Practices

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  • Social Distancing
  • Taking Temperature
  • Report if Feeling Sick
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Please stay healthy.

Residential Energy Saving Tips

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Building Performance Institute Certified
Building Performance Institute
Building Analysts
Envelope Professionals
BGE Approved Energy Contractor
Pepco Approved Energy Contractor

Having your home evaluated by Hometrust is a great way to identify your next home improvement project. 
Certifications earned through the Building Performance Institute demonstrate our ability to:

  • Find air leakage points around your home. 
  • Show you steps to improve energy efficiency.
  • Use science to guide improvements to comfort.  
  • Educate you how to tighten your building's shell. 
  • Learn about these opportunties before it is too late. 
  • Provide a unique perspective on your home's overall performance. 
  • Determine the root cause of any problems.
  • Assess current insulation effectiveness.
  • Measure air flow.
  • Evaluate windows, doors, siding and roofing.
  • Put you in complete control of the outcome.

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What We Check

Free healthy home inspection Maryland

Low insulation levels identified


1. The Health of Your Attic

  • Ventilation & Airflow
  • Proper Insulation
  • Wall Insulation

"Thanks Keith and Eric, we learned a lot about our home and what we need in our attic."

BGE Energy Audit Maryland

Window & door assessments


2. Proper Air Barrier

  • Keep Humidity Out
  • Air Sealing Opportunities
  • Windows & Doors

"Eric did an amazing job explaining all details about energy efficiency."


3. Exterior Inspection

  • Siding Inspection
  • Envelope Tightness
  • Proper Drainage

"Very informative & professional - glad we did it!"

Exterior solutions to improve efficiency

Building Performance Institute Certified

Building Analyst

Feel free to call anytime 301-957-6532

A comprehensive whole-house assessment with a building analyst can determine the root cause of problems and make recommendations, assess ventilation, air flow and overall health and safety.

Please contact us now!

We will call you and conduct a quick phone assessment to get some basic information to be sure we can help.  On our initial call we want to answer your questions and find out more about the situation so we can schedule a successful visit.

    Specialized Maryland Contractor
    • MHIC Licensed
    • Building Analyst Certified
    • Envelope Professional Certification
    • EPA Lead Renovator Certified

    Hometrust Remodeling is a licensed contractor specializing in a whole-house approach to home remodeling with an emphasis on educating our customers, providing energy efficient solutions, maintaining a network of high caliber technicians and using building science principles.  As a result, we can effectively guide Maryland homeowners towards projects that satisfy comfort needs, aesthetics and value.

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