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Window Replacement Styles

Reasons homeowners consider vinyl for replacement window needs:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Energy Efficient
  • Strong and Durable
  • Advances in Quality Hardware
  • Affordable
  • Minimal Upkeep

Vinyl replacement windows come in every style you might see in Maryland homes including special geometric shapes, garden windows, bay windows, bow windows, double hung windows, picture windows and slider windows.

Maryland replacement window styles
Double hung windows Maryland

Double Hung Windows 
Double hung windows are most common and operate vertically.  In other words, double hung windows move up and down.  One sash can slide past the other such that the top and the bottom of the window can be open at the same time which maximizes ventilation.  Although it is possible to have sashes that are not of equal height, most are.  Many homes with original windows have single hung windows which means only the bottom sash operates. 

Additional Features/Benefits

A traditional, easy to clean design
Easy operation
Most commond style
Replacement slider windows Maryland

Three-Part Slider Windows
Sometimes referred to as a flat bay window, the three part slider is a less expensive alternative to a bay window.  The center window is fixed (picture window) while the two ends slide inwards towards the center of the window to allow ventilation.  Three part sliders are generally used in openings that are much too wide to make a two part slider that would be strong enough to last.  Design accents are often put in the ends for an added touch.

Additional Features/Benefits

A modern style, perfect for rooms with limited space 
A window where the sash moves horizontally

bay window Maryland

Bay Windows
Bay windows are magnificent both from the exterior and the interior of a home.  Projecting outward, typically set at 30 or 45 degrees, it opens up any room if a conversion takes place.  The two end windows are functional and a customer can choose between double hung ends or casement ends.  Since this extends off of your home it creates a different look and hence is worthy of its cost, which is more than that of a standard window or a three part slider (flat bay). 

Additional Features/Benefits

Creates a dramatic focal point
Makes a cozy spot to curl up in
Mounted with a head and seatboard
Premium insulation package
Slider vinyl windows Maryland

Two-Part Slider Windows
Two part slider or slider windows operate horizontally and are typically wider than they are tall.  The two sashes meet in the middle, where the vinyl replacement window locks.  Both sashes operate on all two part slider windows unless the unit is manufactured with a vent opening.  The majority of the slider windows Home Visions replaces are in the home's basement.  

Additional Features/Benefits
A modern style, perfect for rooms with limited space
A window where the sash moves horizontally
Picture windows

Picture Windows

Additional Features/Benefits

Adds openness and increases natural light
A large, non-operating window that provides a panoramic view

Casement windows

Casement Windows
Casement windows typically use a low profile crank to operate the sash.  Due to this casement windows are extremely energy efficient.   Because of the additional materials required to manufacture casement windows the cost is usually higher.  Most of the homes with casement windows are now switching to double hung windows.  Two reasons for this are the price and also the convenience of the double hung windows tilt in for easy cleaning feature.

Additional Features/Benefits

A contemporary look for your home
Smooth operation with a fold in handle
A projecting window with a single sash hinged at the sides
Typically opens outward like a door

Bow window Maryland

Bow Windows
The main feature in a vinyl replacement bow window is that you have 4 or more sections joined together into one unit and are installed like a semi circle or radius from edge to edge of the window.  This is what gives it the name, "bow" window.  They are used in large openings and bow windows maximize lights.  Architecturally, these are very beautiful windows.  Each section can be functional as well. 

Additional Features/Benefits

An elegant curve offering a panoramic view
Available in 3, 4 or 5 lite configurations. 
10-degree angles to project a circular appearance

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